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Investment & Advisor

Investment & Advisor

Fartabak Investment Research and Marketing Co., with the knowledge and expertise of domestic and foreign markets, always strives to supply the products needed by the market.



Variety of industrial equipment. Tourism and equipment needed by the industries of the country with the highest quality and in the shortest possible time. Live and ...






Exports agricultural products with the best quality to most parts of the world. The company collects saffron directly from the fields and then shifts it to the warehouse and after having carried out physical, chemical and microbiological experiments, saffron is packed and exported to the market.

Sales Scorpion Toxin

There are very few uses for scorpion venom. Its use is so limited, that even some species of scorpions themselves rarely if ever use it.
For the most part, only researchers would want it, and even then, they can probably afford their own scorpions and do it themselves.
Besides, even if you were going to sell venom to researchers, how good is your set up? What conditions are your scorpions kept under? Are they fed properly? Is venom clean? What is your plan to minimize contamination and/or degradation? Are they stored properly? How good are your records? Do they track the specific animal that provided the venom, and what date, and what that specific animal ate, and that animal’s health?
Unfortunately, scientists demand detailed controls. How can I know for sure your product is consistent? Maybe one of the scorpions you have isn’t healthy or it ate a mouse one day instead of cricket and that changed its venom a little.

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Fartak Trading Holding is an Iranian firm that is effectively and actively engaged in the various and extended area  in international level for the purposes of making sustainable employment  development of modern effective and facilitating activates in the area of international trade, usaing valuable experiences, and records of its founders and specialized trading groups
In line with rendering and offering better and best services and products to its vast spectrum of customers and for extending its activities services and products, this holding has made various below-mentioned ..............


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The holding of Fartak is aimed at importing and exporting various types of goods. With more than 20 years of activity, he works in a variety of fields and has a brilliant record. We are ready to attract foreign capital, and there are financial and operational guarantees for many projects. Profit
With reasonable and reasonable reimbursement. We have all the necessary options for paying for financing and currency problems. More about Us







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We were able to get 100% satisfaction from our customers and partners


One of the most important indicators of success in any business is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the main goal and improves business performance (in terms of products or services). So we will stay with you

Fartak Holding Co


Successful hanging outs of a variety of patterns have always followed along with three prestigious insights, a distinctive organization and a business center. Supervision in the headquarters is also based on two components of planning and quality in strategic planning, financial control and control. Therefore, according to the above principles and in accordance with Article 3 of the articles of association of the subject of Fartak's business activities, it is as follows:

Establishment and creation of factories and units of production, industrial, agriculture, construction and companies, and their administration, participation in other companies, establishment of a branch or agency at home and abroad, purchase and sale, stock brokerage maintenance and administration.
Obtaining a representative office, establishing a branch and providing representation at home and abroad, and obtaining necessary permits for the implementation of new production plans or the development and completion of manufacturing plants.
You are engaged in all commercial operations, including the purchase or sale of import and export, and performing any domestic and foreign authorized trades.
Use of financial and credit facilities of banks and credit institutions.
Granting of facilities to subsidiaries and affiliates.
Encourage and facilitate investment for individuals and legal entities

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