About Us

 Fartak Trading Holding is an Iranian firm that is effectively and actively engaged in the various and extended area  in international level for the purposes of making sustainable employment  development of modern effective and facilitating activates in the area of international trade, usaing valuable experiences, and records of its founders and specialized trading groups
In line with rendering and offering better and best services and products to its vast spectrum of customers and for extending its activities services and products, this holding has made various below-mentioned opportunities
      Rendering services and executing security systems  CCTVs road cameras and traffic violation Registration cameras
      Importation and rendering after-sale-services for telecommunication equipment cell phones and Electronic items
      Importing and exporting various petroleum and petrochemical products
      Importing exporting and after-sale-service for  various permitted commercial goods
      Establishing and developing modern onshore and offshore tourism and recreational spaces
      Opening L/Cs with banks for companies
      Procuring manufacturing and exporting various kinds of food products
      procuring and exporting various kinds of metals and mineral stones
     Carrying out of commercial activities and rendering trading services
      Releasing goods from customhouses
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